Monday, September 19, 2016

Rafiq Turned 4 Years Old

My 3rd child, Rafiq, celebrated his 4th birthday this month.

When I looked at his face, it reminded me that God has answered my prayer that night.

He was born amidst whirlwind of events, a concoction of emotions.  At that time I felt bad he came into this world with negative vibes surrounded him.  In hindsight, God sent my little boy to comfort me, and as his name in Arabic, he is indeed a ‘friend’ who will be by my side.

Melancholia aside, frankly, I just cannot get enough of him.  He can be angry at something/someone and still looks adorable with his sulky face and a set of dimples. I often teased him whenever he was upset over something and on the verge of tantrums, that I love him even more when he is annoyed.  He then will cool down just to prove to me he is not cute all the time haha.

His brother Razin, an introvert, "Why Rafiq talks all the time?" Rafiq is the kind that gets into the car and starts a small talk with you till you reach the destination. 

He also has quick answer to everything, which just amazed me.  If he couldn't come up with logical, or a possible reply, he will respond with a witty one.

Like his sister Rizqin, he is an observer and receptive to new adventures.  I remembered last year when he insisted to ride on a junior rollercoaster, Enchanted Airways at Universal Studio Singapore.  I told him rollercoaster ride is super fast and scary.  I was hoping his height didn’t make the cut, but he came back jumping in joy as the attendant let him in.  Gosh, this boy has no idea what a rollercoaster is !  

I decided to sit with him. He was still clueless as the rollercoaster climbed the tracks.  The moment, it went downhill, I could see his eyes gleamed with fear, his hands gripping the handle tightly.  I guess, I made it worse by proclaiming I was terrified too haha.

When the ride ended, I was worried if that experience would be traumatic for him.  Well, he asked to ride again instead !!!  He has been a fun ride junkie ever since.

Rafiq is a funny person and doesn’t mind making fool of himself.  He is fun to be with and just full of laughter.  Whenever he feels I have not hug him in awhile, he would request for a ‘kepit’, where I would snug him tight with my legs.  Sometimes, I wish I had his easygoing personality !

So for his 4th birthday, I told him, “I already bought you a pricey bicycle recently, so no more presents this year okay?”  He nodded to my proposition. My pockets smiled.

“But Mummy, a cake is not a present, so I need a cake !”.

“Fair enough, Rafiq. You will get a cake.”

“The bicycle is a present.  How about my reward? Present and reward are not the same !”.  That is cunning.

“Why do you need a reward? What good things have you done?”

“A reward for my birthday?” Clever.

His uncles and aunties also had prepared to dent their wallets, but Rafiq nonchalantly told them, “I got everything.  I don’t need presents”.



Like I always told him, “You are sweet like a lollipop, Rafiq”.  He will reply, “No, I am cool like ice-creams, Mummy!”.

So Happy, Happy Birthday Rafiq ! I pray you will keep your charms along the way because it will bring you to greater heights.

Hugs and kisses.

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