Monday, August 29, 2016

Tresure Every Moment

Rizqin has started new school-year today.  I am pretty sure she is all excited to see her friends again after two bored months at home, either watching re-runs of Peppa Pig or picking a fight with Rafiq.  I feel bad her days were occupied with non-educational things, but sending her to summer classes also will create logistics headache.  So I guess, it was a good thing she knows what ‘boredom’ means, that she will appreciate ‘school days’ better ! #excuses

So this morning, I’m back with the routine of two school kids.  I stole additional 15 minutes of sleep, only woke Rizqin up at 6am.  I totally forgot my princess used to take long shower, sometimes standing still under the running water for a good 10 minutes.  Thus, Razin was left with merely 10 minutes to get ready, and he is excellent at it, thank God.

Transporter was extra efficient today, both Razin and Rizqin were practically munching their toasts while putting on their shoes.  I asked them to hurry, while secretly vowed to sleep earlier tonight, no Netflix.

Rizqin didn’t even request me to accompany her on her 1st day of Year 2.  That is a big deal to me – she is just 6 years old going to a huge school ! I have seen parents filling up the college application form while their child sitting at the back with phones.  Duh, as much as I want them to feel I am there whenever they need me, I also want them to be independent and find ways to maneuver around their lives.

I didn’t tell Rizqin that I went to school much later that morning to have a peek on her (through the class window).  She looked settled and her locker already filled with books. 

Later in the afternoon, the teacher sent a class photo.
Can’t help but beaming in pride, and at the same time, gosh, how time flies !

When did she grow? 

Reminder to myself : TREASURE EVERY MOMENT.

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