Monday, September 19, 2016

Rafiq Turned 4 Years Old

My 3rd child, Rafiq, celebrated his 4th birthday this month.

When I looked at his face, it reminded me that God has answered my prayer that night.

He was born amidst whirlwind of events, a concoction of emotions.  At that time I felt bad he came into this world with negative vibes surrounded him.  In hindsight, God sent my little boy to comfort me, and as his name in Arabic, he is indeed a ‘friend’ who will be by my side.

Melancholia aside, frankly, I just cannot get enough of him.  He can be angry at something/someone and still looks adorable with his sulky face and a set of dimples. I often teased him whenever he was upset over something and on the verge of tantrums, that I love him even more when he is annoyed.  He then will cool down just to prove to me he is not cute all the time haha.

His brother Razin, an introvert, "Why Rafiq talks all the time?" Rafiq is the kind that gets into the car and starts a small talk with you till you reach the destination. 

He also has quick answer to everything, which just amazed me.  If he couldn't come up with logical, or a possible reply, he will respond with a witty one.

Like his sister Rizqin, he is an observer and receptive to new adventures.  I remembered last year when he insisted to ride on a junior rollercoaster, Enchanted Airways at Universal Studio Singapore.  I told him rollercoaster ride is super fast and scary.  I was hoping his height didn’t make the cut, but he came back jumping in joy as the attendant let him in.  Gosh, this boy has no idea what a rollercoaster is !  

I decided to sit with him. He was still clueless as the rollercoaster climbed the tracks.  The moment, it went downhill, I could see his eyes gleamed with fear, his hands gripping the handle tightly.  I guess, I made it worse by proclaiming I was terrified too haha.

When the ride ended, I was worried if that experience would be traumatic for him.  Well, he asked to ride again instead !!!  He has been a fun ride junkie ever since.

Rafiq is a funny person and doesn’t mind making fool of himself.  He is fun to be with and just full of laughter.  Whenever he feels I have not hug him in awhile, he would request for a ‘kepit’, where I would snug him tight with my legs.  Sometimes, I wish I had his easygoing personality !

So for his 4th birthday, I told him, “I already bought you a pricey bicycle recently, so no more presents this year okay?”  He nodded to my proposition. My pockets smiled.

“But Mummy, a cake is not a present, so I need a cake !”.

“Fair enough, Rafiq. You will get a cake.”

“The bicycle is a present.  How about my reward? Present and reward are not the same !”.  That is cunning.

“Why do you need a reward? What good things have you done?”

“A reward for my birthday?” Clever.

His uncles and aunties also had prepared to dent their wallets, but Rafiq nonchalantly told them, “I got everything.  I don’t need presents”.



Like I always told him, “You are sweet like a lollipop, Rafiq”.  He will reply, “No, I am cool like ice-creams, Mummy!”.

So Happy, Happy Birthday Rafiq ! I pray you will keep your charms along the way because it will bring you to greater heights.

Hugs and kisses.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Tresure Every Moment

Rizqin has started new school-year today.  I am pretty sure she is all excited to see her friends again after two bored months at home, either watching re-runs of Peppa Pig or picking a fight with Rafiq.  I feel bad her days were occupied with non-educational things, but sending her to summer classes also will create logistics headache.  So I guess, it was a good thing she knows what ‘boredom’ means, that she will appreciate ‘school days’ better ! #excuses

So this morning, I’m back with the routine of two school kids.  I stole additional 15 minutes of sleep, only woke Rizqin up at 6am.  I totally forgot my princess used to take long shower, sometimes standing still under the running water for a good 10 minutes.  Thus, Razin was left with merely 10 minutes to get ready, and he is excellent at it, thank God.

Transporter was extra efficient today, both Razin and Rizqin were practically munching their toasts while putting on their shoes.  I asked them to hurry, while secretly vowed to sleep earlier tonight, no Netflix.

Rizqin didn’t even request me to accompany her on her 1st day of Year 2.  That is a big deal to me – she is just 6 years old going to a huge school ! I have seen parents filling up the college application form while their child sitting at the back with phones.  Duh, as much as I want them to feel I am there whenever they need me, I also want them to be independent and find ways to maneuver around their lives.

I didn’t tell Rizqin that I went to school much later that morning to have a peek on her (through the class window).  She looked settled and her locker already filled with books. 

Later in the afternoon, the teacher sent a class photo.
Can’t help but beaming in pride, and at the same time, gosh, how time flies !

When did she grow? 

Reminder to myself : TREASURE EVERY MOMENT.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Deliver Me No 4

It has been a looooong while…and guess what? In between, I delivered my 4th baby !

Though I still remember vividly each and every past deliveries, I somehow found myself browsing my old posts, reading about it all over again.  No matter how much you remember, nothing beats thoughts written down.

And well, here I am, when the memories are still fresh…

I was very huge this time around, at 62kg, the heaviest I have been in my life.  Having cakes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies almost every day, it is no surprise of my 17kg weight gain.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I could no longer fit regular shoes and succumbed to hideous (but comfy and wide) sandals. Heaven knows I don't wear sandals to work, even a Stuart Weitzman's.  Going up and down the stairs at home and at the office also taking a toll on my back, but luckily it was not as bad as I experienced during my 1st pregnancy.

So on my 38th week appointment, my gynae confirmed the baby is still 'up' and based on my previous delivery dates which is not far from the EDD, I am very likely to deliver around my EDD.  I cringed thinking having to deal with pregnancy another 2 weeks. *yeah, I'm gonna miss it two years from now*

The next morning around 7 o'clock, I felt pain around my waist.  I had been enduring 'Round Ligament Pain' throughout this pregnancy, which making getting up from bed and chair an ordeal, so I was quite confused whether this is labour pain making its appearance.  

The thing about 'Round Ligament Pain', it is like cramps, will go away in a few seconds.  But one hour later, the mild pain didn't go away.  So I told my other half, this is probably The Day.

I went out to have breakfast, by this time, the pain was much stronger.  Due to its interval, I believed these are real contractions.  I even had to stop eating at each wave of the contraction.  In fact, I wondered what on earth am I doing here eating roti canai when I am supposed to be in labour ward.

My other half was cool because I was calm.  I was sure he thought it is just mild pain which I can handle like a slight headache.  I packed my hospital bag and lied on my bed.  It was already 11 am and the contractions were coming at 3 minutes interval.  Pain was still bearable.  *Please don't take my words as each individual has different threshold level of pain*

At 11.30 am, I felt that it is time to go to the hospital.  Pain was still manageable, but I didn't want to wait until I can not walk.  Me on wheel chair?

Reached the Delivery Ward at 12 noon and I was happy to know I am already 6cm dilated !

I planned on epidural-free delivery, hence the reason why I delayed going to the hospital.  I prefer to manage the labour pain, by tossing and turning at the comfort of my own bed.  But of course, you have to know your own body, to decide when to call the shot. 

The nurse shoved me a 'mask' and told me it is 'gas'.  I smiled and said I never used it before.  Inhale at each contraction and exhale. Ok, got it.

The gynae came to break the water bag and only after that I cursed myself for being adventurous on epidural-free delivery.  By this time, the 'gas' was my best friend.  

The baby was still 'up' but the pain was already very intense.  When delivering my 3rd baby, I remembered how easy the baby came out.  Now it was a different scenario altogether.  Gosh, it hit me at that very moment, no two deliveries are the same.  How naive I am?

The nurse tried to widen the opening (whatever it is) and asked me to push at each contraction. I found her request a bit funny.  I'm dealing with crazy contraction pain every one minute or so, and I have to push at the same time? Hah, this is not the right time to be a multi-tasker !

But in fact she is right.  I have to push three times continuously.  But what I did was I only pushed twice.  By the time I had to push the third time, the contraction subsided and I took a breather.  A few seconds was all I need to recharge.  Hmmm…why didn't I think to bring 100 Plus or Red Bull for the extra energy?

I finally felt something came out.  I was relieved.  Nobody should see me the last 30 minutes.  I feel bad my other half had to witness his wife turning from a calm-and-composed-lady-carrying-a-Chanel-bag to a-woman-who-wails-like-a-dolphin-only-that-it-isn't-cute.

Then something bigger came out of me.  Ouh, that is the body, just now was the head. Silly me.

At this point, all those mind-blowing pains diminished into thin air.  It was a surreal feeling that when it's over, it's over.  The room which was previously filled with my groans, turned into a quiet ghost town.  Apart from first cry of my baby which lasted for a good few minutes, the only sound I heard was the movements of the nurses doing their cleaning-ups.

I survived without perineal tear, so no stitches needed.  

There I was like a lost soul.  The feeling of winning a battle but sans commotion to follow suit.

Then I looked to the right. A crib with a baby inside, tightly wrapped in a pink blanket.

Wow did he just come out of me? *looked at my flat tummy*

Baby Raif was born on 31 May 2015 at 1.30pm.  Stats : 3.6 kg in weight and 49.5 cm in height.